About Us

In fact through the ages music as been an important part of human life. Its creation and invention dates back to eras, with no fixed date, time or year. It has been a part of human life. But, we have not given ourselves enough time to experience music at the depths of our beings. Today, we are so busy chasing our goals that music is something that happens in the background.

In all your goals and aspirations you must spend sometime pursuing leisure activities. And surely, most of us in our childhood days had aspired to be musicians. One of our dream pursuits has been to either learn a musical instrument or fine-tune our voices. But as we grew up and had to shoulder further responsibilities with each passing year, our desire to make music a part of our lives went into the background. We made most of what we could listen to.

For those who are unsure about what they want to learn, we have few orientation lessons that give them a general introduction to the various musical instruments and types of vocals and once they know what they would like to indulge in we place them under the guidance of experts.

Our team of music experts has studied thoroughly their area of musical expertise. Their knowledge in-depth and profound and give each student utmost personal attention, even in a classroom session. All those who are a part of this family have a passion for every form of music and constantly and consistently work towards making it an active part of everyone’s life.


Contact us : 22/7 – Booty Street, Behind Hanuman Temple, Pune-411001. Tel :91206900875