Armenian Songs

Armenia is a small country, which is situated near the Caucasus Mountains. The nation’s music is a blend of native folk music, light pop, and all-embracing Christian music. In fact, Armenian music is largely influenced by the tunes and lyrics of Christianity, because it is the oldest Christian country in the world. The immigrant population that has migrated from Armenia, have continued to maintain their traditional folk tunes. This can mainly be noticed in the area around Fresno, California.

Composed in one of eight modes, Armenian chant is considered to be the most common form of religious music in the country. It is written in the native musical notation form called khaz. Earlier the Armenian religious music was primarily liturgical. However, is tilted towards becoming polyphonic by the end of the 19th century when Komitas Vardapet introduced this form of music. In fact, he is also considered to be the one who founded modern classical Armenian music.

In 1915, after disaster struck Armenia, the populace began to migrate to various foreign countries, especially to the USA, in the California Central Valley. In spite of settling down in foreign lands they continued to retain the native flavors of their original music. In fact, one of the most popular Armenain musicians is the oud-player Richard Hagopian, as well as another oud player, John Berberian.

Amongst the internationally famed Armenian classical composers are:

Kemani Tatyos Ekserciyan
Aram Khatchaturian
Arno Babadjanyan
Avet Terterian
Tigran Mansurian
Khachatur Avetissian
Alan Hovhaness

Given here is a list of popular Armenian singers:

Aram Asatryan
Garo Gaboudagian
Rouben Hakhverdian
Manuel Kichian
Norayr Mnatsakanyan
Harout Pamboukjian
Hasmik Papian
Susanna Petrosyan
Lilit Pipoyan
George Tutunjian
Nune Yesayan
Lusine Zakaryan