Bhajan is basically a devotional song. Words that praise the gods and goddesses are set to tunes, which are sung during religious functions or festivals. In fact a large number of stories about the Hindu gods and goddesses have been written in a poetic form and then set to music. In the days gone by these songs were sung in temples or the king’s court during special occasions.

Bhajans are generally sung during sessions known as satsang or kirtan. During these session people gather together at a common venue and sing songs in honor of god, meditate and discuss something on religion or spirituality. These sessions are known to enhance human life and help one deal with stress and tension. At such sessions there will be one lead singer and the others follow him or her repeating the line.

A large number of people feel that listening to Bhajans or singing devotional songs brings peace and calmness. They experience a stronger bond with the form of god they worship and it kindles in them faith and strength to face any challenges.

Many households play bhajan tapes or cds first thing in the morning so as to create a surrounding of tranquility as family member prepares for the day. Many claim that the words, melodies, tempo and the repetitive style of bhajans bring about a feeling of permanency and belief that the inner core of every human being is constantly the same and every negative situation is just a passing phase.