Clothing and Fashion

Today, Indian clothing is one of the most talked about styles on world fashion stage. The beauty of Indian fashion lies in its unique offering of traditional and modern form of fashion. If on one hand, we have managed to make the optimum use of our traditional attires, we have also assimilated modern clothing styles and fashion sense in our clothes & handbags. Indian clothing is appreciated and desired all over the world. It has become a common sight to witness western celebrities wearing Indian attires and that is an ample proof of growing popularity of ready made garments Many Indian designers have earned global accolades for their creative and unique fashion designs. Readymade garments have definitely acquired a strong identity in the Indian fashion world.

Indian clothing is a fascinating blend of best of different eras. Indian has different traditional types of clothing. Diverse regions in India have different culture of clothing and fashion. All these regions offer variety of styles and designs that you will not find anywhere else. If we talk particularly about certain styles of clothing then ‘Dhoti Kurta’ must be the most common attire for Indian men. Dhoti kurta is basically unstitched, clothed piece. It is tied around waist and legs. Dhoti is known by different names in different places. For example, Bengali people call dhoti a loongi whereas in Punjab, it is known as Laacha.

Kurta on the other hand is used by both men and women. It is a long and loose attire that goes down all the way to your knees. Shalwar kameez is very popular amongst women. It is a very traditional dress and is quite charming. At many places, it is also known as a Punjabi suit. The most popular Indian dress must be Sari. No other dress brings out the elegance in a woman the way sari does. Indian women have always been associated with saris. Similarly, sherwani is a typical male dress which is quite similar to achkan in style. Bags n Purses are another common feature of Indian clothing accessory. It serves several purposes apart from being a stylist piece of clothing. India is best known for its traditional clothing designed using modern techniques.