Culture of India

Culture is often defined as a sum total of social and political forces that shape up the growth of human beings. Culture cannot be explained in one sentence. So many different factors combine together to form colorful shades of culture. Indian culture is amazingly rich and diverse. It is a unique phenomenon that has continued to surprise traditionalists and modernists alike. The most fascinating aspect of Indian culture is that different geographical parts of Indian Territory have their own distinct cultures. Right from North India to South and Eastern regions, you will find amalgamation of different shades of cultures. These aspects are totally unique in typical sense of the word and yet they have seamlessly integrated with each other.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and that is reflected in the way Indians have changed their lifestyles. But we still have our values and beliefs totally intact. That is the beauty of Indian culture. These values are deeply rooted in the heart of every Indian. Indian culture is multidimensional. Its scope and effect cannot be contained to one single sphere of life. Right from our faith values to the way we dress, eat and behave is inspired from our ancient culture.

Indian history is full of incidents where foreign invaders came to India and they found themselves assimilated in the mainstream. That gives our culture a distinct flavor. Indian culture is often a subject of envy and respect because of its unique features. For instance, Indians believe in the concept of ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ which simply indicates that even if we don’t have anything to eat we will never leave our guests hungry.

Indian culture emphasizes giving respects to our elders. This love and respect comes from our culture and young Indians thrive on taking blessings from his elders. One more striking feature of Indian culture is helpful nature of the native Indians. We like to share sadness and pain and distribute joy to everyone. We are constantly living in an atmosphere of harmony and co-operation. That’s the way we make this world a better place to live in.