The traditional Indian education system has always fascinated the world. Not many countries can boast of milestones in ancient literature like Yoga, Puranas and Vedas. Our education system was founded on the purest language of the world, Sanskrit. It is supposed to be the mother of all languages. Indian education followed the system of Gurukul during the ancient periods. According to this system, young boys had to stay at the Guru’s (teacher) place and complete their formal education. The learning was not just restricted to books. Important constituents of personality like values, ethics and morals were also taught at Gurukuls. Indian education system deserves all the applause for producing several geniuses in diverse fields who have made our country proud.

Arrival of different cultures, religions and movements led to the spread of education among women and lower strata of the society. Indian education did go through a temporary stagnation period during the middle Ages but things changed drastically during the modern era. Education in India got a new lease of life after British came to the country. Once the country got the independence, central government made education its primary priority. The objective was to make education available to every citizen of the nation. Indian education system was segregated into preschool and primary education, secondary education, senior secondary education and higher education.

Indian constitution declared it unlawful to discriminate education opportunities on the basis of caste and gender. Elementary education was made a fundamental right for children between the age group of 6-14. The literacy rate has increased exponentially in last few decades.

There has also been reports of rising female literacy rate in the country which is definitely an encouraging sign. Additionally, the difference between urban and rural education ratio has also decreased over the years. The rapid growth of Indian economy has further fueled the governmental plans of accelerating the process of developing education system. Presence of numerous colleges, state universities, study abroad consultants, quality schools etc can definitely be credited to efforts made by Indian authorities. India is witnessing a boom and several international empires and moving to start their preschools in India. Institutes like IIMs and IITs are symbol of excellence and renowned worldwide for providing quality education.