Hindi Movie Songs

Movies in India are as important as one’s daily meals for most of the people. There are people across the nation who eat, sleep, drink and think only movies. They know every aspect of the Hindi movie industry, and could even be considered walking-talking encyclopedias in the subject. An integral part of the Hindi movie heritage is its music. In fact, some playback singers are given the same status as some of the leading actors. There are people, who dream to be playback singers, as their role is as important as any actor. In fact, before the movie rights are sold, the producers sell their music rights, and do make a lot of money on these sales.

There are in fact some movie directors, who first have the music composed and compiled for their film and then they begin scripting or shooting. And many filmmakers believe that good and popular music sells the movie amongst the moviegoers. And there are movies that have done well because of memorable songs, and mediocre content.

However, the fact does remain that Hindi movie songs are popular all over the world. In fact, some western moviemakers approach the Indian movie music composers to provide the background score for their films. This is a big compliment for the music industry, in general.

However, there is a vast difference between the songs composed earlier and those being churned out today. The fact is that the quality of the older songs does not exist in today’s numbers. Tracks of the sixties and seventies are still heard and hummed. Whereas as today’s chart toppers are enjoyed as long as they have a place on the charts. Then they are pleasantly replaced by the latest. In fact, some music composers do admit that this is a money-making era, as people want variety and change all the time.