Indian Festivals

India always celebrates. India has yearly rounds of festivals and fairs celebrated all across the country. The tradition of Indian festivals goes back to Vedic era. The concept of festivals first began as a celebration in honor of gods, natural resources like rivers, ocean, fire, monsoon etc. These festivals were sign of social and cultural significance. Considering the co-existence of several religions in India, there is bound to have numerous festivals and celebrations. Apart from four major religions, i.e., Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Sikhism followed in India, there are few others like Jainism, Buddhism, Jewish and Zoroastrian. All these religions make India a cultural potpourri. Apart from respective festivals of these religions, there are number of regional festivals which are celebrated in particular areas only. The festivals of India are marked by bright colors, sweets, social gathering, brightly lit religious places, traditional dance and dresses, illuminated houses and joyous atmosphere.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular festivals celebrated in India. Hindu Festivals:-

• Holi
• Baisakhi
• Diwali
• Navratri
• Durga Puja
• Rakhi
• Dussehra
• Onam
• Ram Navami
• Janmashtami
• Karwa Chauth
• Ganesh Chaturthi
• Mahashivaratri
• Makar Sankranti
• Naag Panchami
• Pongal

Muslim Festivals:-

• Muhorram
• Bakra Eid
• Eid ul Fitr

Christian Festivals:-

• Christmas
• Good Friday
• Easter

Sikh Festivals:-

• Lohri
• Guru Purab
• Guru Nanak Jayanti
• Holla Mohalla

Buddhist Festivals:-

• Ullambana
• Hemis Gompa
• Buddha Purnima
• Losar

Jewish Festivals:-

• Passover
• Chanukah/Hanukkah

Zoroastrian Festivals:-

• Zarthost No Deeso
• Jamshed Navroz
• Gahambars
• Khordad Sal

Apart from these religious festivals, there are plenty of National Festivals as well in India:-

• Republic Day
• Independence Day
• Gandhi Jayanti
• Children’s Day
• Teacher’s Day

Modern day festivals like Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, New Year, Mother’s Day, Friendship day etc are also celebrated in India. Festivals play a major role in uniting a country like India that has vast geographical distances and a variety of languages and customs. These festivals underline the rich legacy of traditions that has been handed over from ages.