Malayalam Songs

South Indian music is classified according to the languages spoken in the various states of south India; and one such popularly spoken language is Malayalam. This is the state language of Kerala. The state is also known as the centre of Carnatic music. Malayalam music is classified into varied genre, which are as follows:

-Malayalam film music: This is has been a popular genre of music with listeners of various age groups.
-Malayalam classical music: The Carnatic music is the popular form of Malayalam classical tunes. In fact, this language has contributed the ‘Sopana’ style of classical music.
-Malayalam folk music: Traditionally the folk songs in Malayalam revolved around the heroes of the region, as well as the Malayalam songs of devotion. Till date, these are the folk song performances that dominate the scene
-Malayalam devotional music: The religious songs in Malayalam are not just the Hindu devotional songs, but also those that encompass Christianity and Islam.

The following are the popular Malayalam professional singers:

K.J. Yesudas
P. Jayachandran
Unni Menon
rejeev thomas
Shiju John
Dheeraj Koliyat
noorudheen nafih
saji dev
K.S. Chitra
Sujatha Mohan
M.G. Sreekumar
Madhu Balakrishnan
Vijay Yesudas
Miss Jyotsna
Vidhu Prathap
G Venugopal
Gayathri Ashokan

Here is a list of the renowned Malayalam music directors/composers:

M. Jayachandran
Bombay Ravi