Modern Indian Music

In the present day, there are far less people who enjoy Indian classical music as they feel it is too slow for them. Many youngsters go a step further terming classical music to be boring. But then, enjoying music is a personal journey and purely depends on the moods. However, in keeping with times and demands, today, most music composers have shifted from the classical to newer forms, whereby they imbibe the Indian melody and tunes with the western beats.


Modern Indian music comprises:

  • Remixes, where old tunes are blended with faster beats making them popular amongst the younger generation. These are generally played at discos and parties.
  • Fusion is that type of music where Indian classical music is combined with the western music forms to create a musical mix of east and west
  • Film music is in fact extremely popular amongst people of all age groups. In fact an Indian film is considered incomplete without songs with the heroes and heroines dancing. Undoubtedly there is a clear distinction between the type of songs that were composed between the 1940s and 1980s and those composed ever since
  • Indi pop, which is basically the Indian version of the western pop music. There are number of young artists who sign up with music companies to cut an album of pop songs in Hindi and other regional languages.


Modern Indian music has more of the western influences and barely imbibes any of the traditional forms. In fact even the basics of classical Indian music, raga and taal, has been removed from the latest compositions with composers using the western scale and tones. In fact the new music being generated brings in the older styles and blend them into the western chords, thus creating a fusion of east meets west type of music. Courtesy: