Nepali Songs

The Nepalese music is an amalgamation of various genres of music, prime amongst them being the regional folk compositions. In fact, the music of Nepal has influences from India, especially the devotional songs, as well as the popular film songs. Apart from that of late the youth of Nepal have brought in the popularity of western musical forms. There are a number of Nepalese bands that are constantly trying to make their music popular around the world. These bands are mainly from the capital of Nepal – Kathmandu.

The music of Nepal is also known as Newari music, which was largely developed during the medieval era. The kings of the Malla dynasty were interested in the performing arts and encouraged music and drama during their reign.
Given here is a list of the popular Nepalese singers:

Arun Upatyeka Sanskritic Samuha
Kamal Khatri
Nabin Khadka
Pustaka Khadka
Indira Gurung
Mamata Dipbim
Ram Krishna Dhakal
Kumar Basnet
Shital Subani
Godhuli Bato
Ram Laxman
Hari Devi Koirala
Prem Rajat Mahat
Nabin K. Bhattarai
Amrit Lal Maleku
Suresh Kumar Chettri
Kunti Moktan