Old Hindi Songs

If one were to ask a music connoisseur, which has been the best era for Indian music, there would be unanimous call insisting that the time between the late fifties to the early eighties was when the best of Hindi songs were made. Well, this for many is known as the golden era of Hindi music, and for others simply the times of the old Hindi songs. No matter what it maybe referred to as, yet the fact is that the best of sad songs in Hindi belong to that era.

The music was rather slow where the tempo is concerned, but the lyrics spun a tale of their own. The prime genres of music then were the patriotic songs and the romantic ones. In fact, till date during the cultural events held on days such as 15th August (Independence Day) and 26th January (Republic Day), the old patriotic songs are still played in the background, as they arouse feelings of respect for the freedom fighters, as well as feelings of patriotism amongst the listeners.

The other genre of love songs from the old Hindi films is still heard amongst people of all ages. In fact, many youngsters like to spend a peaceful evening listening to these tracks and probably reading a book, or then simply sitting lost in thoughts. For the generation that have lived through the era of the old songs, it’s a matter of re-living fond memories.

Some of the popular playback singers back then were:
-Lata Mangeshkar: She has been known as the ‘Nightingale of India’, and till today, in spite of being in her late seventies, she continues to sing melodious tracks for the famous leading ladies of the Hindi film industry.
-K.L. Saigal: He was one of the first ever-playback singers in the Hindi film industry. His songs are amongst the legendary tracks ever churned out.
-Kishore Kumar: He is considered a legend in playback singing and music composing. Apart from his musical talent, he is also remembered for his acting talents.
-Asha Bhosle: She is Lata Mangeshkar’s younger sister, who is still famous as a playback singer. In recent times she has managed to break the age barrier and prove to the world that even she can come out with successful Hindi pop albums.
-K. J Yesudas: He has been one of the renowned classical musicians in India.
-Mukesh: He was considered the jewel of the Hindi music industry and till today his tracks are played in most households.
-Mohammed Rafi: Another fine singer of his times was Mohammed Rafi. He had to his credit some of the greatest songs of the 1960s and a part of the 1970s.