Punjabi Songs

It is said that Punjabi music and its songs is supposed to have come into being somewhere between the 14th and 15th century. The origination of the genre of music is said to be amongst the farmers, who would sing songs in the Punjabi language, as they worked in the fields. And these songs would be much in demand and a part of the celebration during festivals such as Baisakhi, as well as during weddings.

Today Punjabi compositions are popular the world over. Not only Indians abroad, but even the foreigners enjoy these high energy tunes. They all try to imitate the typical Punjabi dance moves, asking for more and more of this music. The famous Punjabi singers have found themselves a place in the global music charts. In fact, there is an entire section of NRI Punjabi music bands that release their albums, ever so often.

Interestingly, there are Punjabi songs that are dedicated to various events in people’s lives. In fact, the songs contain lyrics that explain various aspects of life and are sung accordingly in dedication of the following…
– The minute a woman announces that she has conceived a baby.
– Songs to celebrate the third month and fifth month of pregnancy, and then eventually the birth of the baby.
– There are songs that speak of the love of a brother for his sister
– There are songs that are sung once the marriage is finalized.
– The process of washing and cleaning the grain
– Preparation of new clothes and household items
– There are songs sung specially when women have to work through the night
– During the wedding there are songs specially for the bride, and another set of songs for the groom
– Jugni: Punjabi folksongs that revolve around love, performed by the bachelors singing about their lover songs include: