Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is a booming industry all across the globe. This particularly holds true for India that has registered significant increase in the number of visitors in last few years. With the arrival of India on world stage, tourists from all over the planet are also eager to know more about this fascinating country. Travel and tourism can be for leisure and pleasure purpose or for business activities. Both way, this is a thriving industry and India is a direct beneficiary of this trend.

There is no surprise in India turning out to be a hotbed for global tourists. The rich cultural heritage of the country has always managed to attract visitors from far places since the ancient times. India’s rich diversity and monumental places makes it a perfect place for tourists looking for relaxation and a thrilling experience. Right from sunny beaches of Goa and backwaters of Kerala to the mesmerizing hill stations of north India and virgin mountains of North-East Indian Territory, India offers it all. Every region offers a particular treat to the visitors who can never have enough of India. There is plenty to explore like beaches, wildlife, nature tourism, health tourism and historic monuments etc.

New kinds of tourism has also flourished in India the likes of which include, adventure tourism, eco tourism, cultural tourism, pilgrimage tourism and rural tourism etc. The variety is very rich. Different reasons have contributed to the rise of India as a major tourist attraction. The economic conditions of people have definitely improved over the years and now they have more money to explore new places. India has made a place for itself on world map and that definitely pulls vacationers to witness the magical beauty of the historical land of India. There has been a tremendous development in technology like transportation and other areas that have contributed considerably to the emergence of India on tourist charts.

Indian central governments and state governments are also putting in extra efforts to highlight magnificent beauty of India. One can explore any of the several travel websites to plan a memorable tour itinerary.