Turkish Songs

The musical tunes of Turkey includes varying tunes and genres that include:
Central Asian folk music
The music from the Ottoman Empire dominions
Persian music
Balkan music
Ancient Byzantine music
Modern European music
American popular music
At the same time Turkish music has influenced the above music forms.


The reason for this is basically because of its geographic position, being situated on the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is considered a crossroad of cultures with such diversity that includes:
North Africa
The Middle East
The Caucasus
South Asia
Central Asia

Primarily the music of Turkey is divided into two broad categories:
     Classical art music: This is characterized by the Ottoman elite culture
     Folk music: This is the music of the Turkish speaking communities of the rural regions of Anatolia, Balkans and the Middle East
The main musical instruments used in composing Turkish songs are:

The other genres of Turkish music include:
Religious music, which has strong influences of Sufism
Turkish Pop music
Turkish Rock
Turkish Hip Hop

The following are some of the famous Turkish singers:

Aydo Abay
Belkis Akkale
Yavuz Bingöl
Brenna MacCrimmon
Darío Moreno
Zeki Müren
Nazan Öncel
Pir Sultan Abdal
Münir Nurettin Selçuk
Ruhi Su
Nigar Talibova
Ferdi Tayfur
Kerim Tekin
Zuhal Olcay