Types of Indian Music

India is a country known for its unity in diversity. India is made up of innumerable and varied cultures that inhabit various regions of the country. Though this country is made up of over twenty States, each one having its own mother tongue, culture, traditions and art forms, these states have varied regional cultures. Every region has its own unique art forms, Hindi Shayri, poetry, prose, handicrafts, paintings, etc.

While there are varied musical forms, Indian classical music has been broadly divided into the north Indian tradition also known as Hindustani music and the Carnatic music belonging to south India. What differentiates the two is their arrangement and performance.

Apart from the abovementioned broad based categories, there are varied types of Indian music. The fact is that many associate all Indian music compositions of the eras gone by to be classical, however there are other entertaining and purposeful ones that have come down the ages.  These include:

· Folk

· Tribal

· Bhajans or devotional

· Ghazals and Qawwalis

· Bhangra

· Indi-pop

· Film songs

· Remix songs

· Fusion

With passing time the role of music has been changing. With Vedic beginnings and spiritual compositions, Indian music has seen numerous genres step in. Apart from the original classical forms, every foreign invasion brought with its musical influences, thus giving musicians more scope for creative and tuneful compositions. Today, the country has innumerable types of music that is enjoyed by people in every nook and corner. It could be in the form of live performances or what is heard and seen through the electrical medium.